Antiviral fogging

Antiviral fogging it the most cost effective and safe way to deal with the sanitising and disinfecting of your workplace or home. It is probably the best investment you can make towards your overall hygiene and cleaning system.

Antiviral fogging

The way that Antiviral fogging works is to atomise an antimicrobial product into the atmosphere. That can be your office or your home. Merlin Clean has vast experience sanitising by way of Antiviral fogging. Everywhere from one room doctors surgeries and houses. To stadiums and factories.

This method of sanitation and disinfection protects your employees and family from cross contamination. Traditional cleaning methods use cloths and mops to clean. But this is the fastest way to spread viruses and bacteria around. The cost of Antiviral fogging is a fraction of the cost of workers wages and insurance. And it is by far the fastest way to treat large areas totally. Making it the best all round solution to your hygiene plan.

Antimicrobial virus killer

The antimicrobial product we use to fog your office or factory is between 5 and 20 microns. Making it a dry fogging system. There is no mess and people can get back into that area in minutes. Not days. This is vitally important to busses, trains and aircraft. And is equally important to getting your workplace back to productivity or getting back into your home.

The fog is so fine that it gets into all the cracks and places that can not usually be cleaned. It even sanitises the ceiling. And of course all the touch points that are danger zones in terms of the likelihood of spreading a virus or bacteria.


Antiviral fogging


Antiviral fogging

Fumigation and decontamination

Merlin clean offers the full spectrum of hygiene services. We can Fumigate and decontaminate for you. Giving you a fixed cost and plan whether it is a one hour job to a regular hygiene and infection control schedule.

It is very important to have a regular deep cleaning schedule along with day to day cleaning. This has been proven over again with our clients that have our seasonal flu antiviral fogging service.

Infection is minimised with a fast, no mess visit and goes a long way with your duty of care. But it’s not just for the records though. Keeping the microoganisms and viruses to the minimum has been shown to increase productivity and profit.

Odour control

The vast majority of bad smells and odours come from bacteria. Furthermore, this bacteria is smelling because it’s growing and producing waste. Odour control services are specialised subjects.

And so it follows that this is a major hazard. But it’s not going to go away. And even if your employees can put up with it, your clients and visitors won’t.

However, it’s not a problem for Merlin Clean. However, the quicker we get to it the better and more cost effective it will be for you.

In conclusion, for the most cost effective way to use your cleaning and sanitising budget. And to keep your people safe. call Merlin Clean today for effective antiviral fogging. Above all, stay healthy.

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