Getting stains off the carpet

How do I go about getting stains off the carpet?

It’s a fact of life that drinks get spilled and mess ends up on the carpet. So just how do you go about getting stains off the carpet.

Well the first this to do is take a deep breath and think about it for a moment. Too much haste here could do more harm than good.

Getting stains off the carpet – Never rub it.

The first thing to remember is never to rub or scrub that carpet. You will damage the fibres and rub all the soil or drink right into it. Making it almost impossible to get out.

So if it is a liquid. Blot it up with a clean plain tea towel or kitchen paper. Remember, don’t rub. If there are solids like gravy or mud just take a butter knife and scrape off what you can.

Get yourself an empty spray bottle and mix one part white vinegar and four parts water. Now spray this over the stain. Not flooding it, you don’t want to over wet it. Now with your clean towel or kitchen towel just gently blot it up. Do not rub it.

Getting stains off the carpet – Soak it up.

Repeat if required. It probably won’t all come up but when you think you have got as much up as you are likely to. Spray again and put about one centimetre of kitchen towel over it and a heavy object on top of that to help soak it up.

At this point you need to call your carpet cleaner. Tell him what was spilled and what you have done and he can make decision whether it needs attention now, or can wait for a normal booking.

Getting stains off the carpet is a lot about what you do in the first instance. If it is red wine for example. You don’t want it to dry out. Get the carpet cleaner in with his proper machinery to sort it out right now. Other stains can wait until a more appropriate time.

If it’s disinfection services that you need. we are fully equipped with the latest antimicrobial fogging equipment that makes no mess and is very fast.

Getting stains off the carpet at end of tenancy

Stained carpets can be a big issue when it comes time to move out of your rented accommodation. Our end of house rental cleaning service covers all this and more.

Merlin clean has all sorts of products and techniques. Just give us a ring at any time for great advice. Or visit out about us page.

Getting stains off the carpet
Getting stains off the carpet

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