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Rug cleaning – How do we do it.

We can tell you, it is no great secret. There are a few people that offer rug cleaning in Doncaster. Who should you choose, or should you try to do it yourself?

In the old days it was popular for people to shampoo their Rug with a push along gadget that one could hire from the local dry cleaners or hardware shop. Merlin Clean does not recommend this method.

Not because it is old, it is just that you have absolutely no chance of getting the shampoo back out of the Rug. No extraction and rinse power. So you leave all that sticky residue in the Rug to pick up even more dirt, even quicker. You didn’t need Merlin Clean Doncaster to tell you that.

Rug cleaning in Doncaster – Modern equipment

These days the do it yourself rug cleaning option has got better in terms of extraction. You can hire Rug Cleaners from a hire centre in Doncaster or shop buy the Rug cleaning chemicals and do it yourself with extraction. Unfortunately there are a couple of things that make it more trouble than it is worth.

First thing, try getting these Carpet Cleaners upstairs, or try cleaning the stairs. Second, the machine is indoors. Where do you think the hot exhaust is going with all the dust etc?

Third, it’s probably cheaper after buying the chemicals and paying for the hire etc to get  professional rug cleaning professionals like Merlin Clean in to do it. We are local, in Doncaster don’t forget. Unless you need the exercise!

Moving on. So really there are three commonly accepted ways in terms of rug cleaning. We just talked about the first. The second is using a chemical to dry clean your Rug. Enough said about that I think.

However, just in case you have never heard of this method it involves putting chemical on the Rug and rubbing it. Anybody that has ever cleaned anything may think that this method can’t deep clean because it does not penetrate the fibres. Again, the machine is indoors. Merlin clean does not use this method in your home.

Then there is Hot water extraction. Some people call it steam cleaning, but that is not an accurate description. Merlin Clean uses industrial power rug cleaner machines that stay outside your home or office.

This eliminates the dust and noise that occurs with machines that are taken and used inside your home.

Rug Cleaning Doncaster

The system Merlin clean uses is as simple as it is effective. Your Rug is first thoroughly vacuumed with a powerful vacuum cleaner. This removes much of the soil and dust.

The Rug is then assessed as to what chemicals should be used. The Rug is then pre sprayed with the appropriate product.

This emulsifies the soil, loosening it up ready to be removed.

Finally it is extracted.

Merlin Clean extraction rug cleaning machines are British built machines that inject clean warm water into the base of your Rug. This in one continuous motion, it is extracted by the powerful machine sitting outside your house.

The result is a deep, safe clean that will benefit everybody because of the dust and pollens etc that accumulates in any Rug.

However, your Rug will be safe for children and pets to crawl over because the chemicals used will have been fully extracted by our powerful extraction machines. Not just rubbed in and left.

We also offer a full antiviral fogging service for your rugs and your home. And we also provide a complete end of tenancy carpet cleaning service in Doncaster.

In conclusion, that was a short explanation of the three commonly accepted methods of rug cleaning.

Which will you choose for your home and your family?

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