Disinfection services

Using Disinfection services in the fight against Coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria is nothing new. What is important though.

Is to hire disinfection services that are using state of the art antiviral fogging equipment that atomises an antimicrobial product.

This antimicrobial fogging procedure makes sure that the disinfection process is thorough. It is essential that the antimicrobial product comes into contact with all surfaces.

You can see from hundreds of different disinfection and sanitising videos that traditional cleaning methods are not effective.

You will see people wearing protective equipment using a cloth to clean surfaces. Cloths and mops will spread viruses and bacteria.

You will also see that the cleaners do not get everywhere. Sometimes missing whole parts of desks and office equipment.

Our system of antiviral fogging ensures that the antimicrobial product being used is reaching everywhere. The fogging equipment atomises the product and that allows it to get into every crack and space.

Where traditional rag cleaning can not hope to get to.

Disinfection services

Disinfection services

Disinfection services

There are tests going on all over the world at present on products that may kill Coronavirus. As yet, none have been certified to kill Coronavirus. However, this does not mean that these products can’t kill Corona virus.

With the information that is known about Coronavirus. Scientists and chemists say that it is highly probable that they will be effective.

Until then the government advice is to use soap to wash your hands.

Coronavirus does not have strong defences. And it does not live outside of the body for very long. However, it has been found to be easily passed on via surfaces in business and public areas.

The point it to apply disinfection techniques to these surfaces. Then you know what is safe and what is unlikely to be.

Once a room or office has had our disinfection services you can go back in very quickly. This is one of the very strong points of our disinfecting services.

It’s important that your staff and guests feel safe. Our antiviral fogging system is the very best way of achieving this.

Disinfection services – Cost effective

Our antiviral fogging service is the most cost effective way to disinfect and sanitise a building. Whether it be a single room. A domestic home deep clean or a huge factory.

Our disinfecting services have a much lower cost than traditional cleaners. Furthermore, the antimicrobial fogging that we do is carried out quickly and without having to stay out of the area for hours or days.

It is the quickest, most cost effective and sure way to disinfect your premises.

At present we use an antimicrobial product called formula 429. This has shown to be very effective on viruses. It works at a nanoscopic level and has a residual effect. It was the winner of NHS infection control trials. Through Smart Solutions for Healthcare. Acquired Infection Control. At Merlin Clean have very high confidence in this product. But we are constantly reviewing the products we use. Ensuring that we use the most effective disinfection and sanitising products on the market.

Using this product with our fogging system helps to make sure that we can achieve total room decontamination quickly, thoroughly and cost effectively.

It is safe to use around people and has been tested against A/H1N1 swine flu virus amongst Mycobacterium, Tuberculosis, MRSA, Medical Waste Treatment, Feline Calicivirus (Human Norovirus surrogate), Feline Coronavirus (SARA surrogate), Enveloped and non-enveloped virus, HIV and C. difficile.

It can work and stay on surfaces that are wet or dry. Because it has a polymer backbone which gives it it’s residual effect.

Professional disinfection services – And Coronavirus COVID 19

Our antimicrobial virus killing atomised fogging system really is the modern, no mess way of dealing with these sorts of issues. It helps us in the fight against odour too. There is nothing worse than guests coming to your business when there is a bad smell. We can deal with all that for you with our professional disinfection services.

We know the disinfecting and antimicrobial fogging has worked by using our test procedures. So that you can be sure the product and disinfection service has contacted all surfaces. Including the ceiling!

Sanitising services

Disinfection services

Disinfection services

Disinfection services can be applied to a huge variety of spaces and equipment. In the photograph the disinfection service technician is using our atomised microbial fogging system to sanitise a photo copier. This does not leave surfaces wet and soggy It’s a no mess service. Safe with equipment.

Office furniture and equipment is a hot bed of viral and bacteriological infection. Therefore it’s very important that these pieces of equipment and furniture are effectively deep cleaned and sanitised.

Our sanitising and disinfection service is suitable for offices, schools and universities. Children’s playgrounds, inside and out and childminding settings and nurseries.

We also provide disinfection services to transport from aircraft disinfection and airports to busses and bus stations. Our service extends to cruse ships and rental properties. End of tenancy sanitising is an every day thing for us.

Care homes and doctors surgeries are just some of the healthcare establishments that we are responsible for sanitising. Along with homes that tenants are moving in and out of. We offer a full end of tenancy carpet cleaning service.

All these run from a one off visit to a full blown hygiene management system.

In conclusion. Merlin Clean offers Disinfection services that are Fast – Effective – No mess and cost effective.

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