Sanitising and Disinfection Services

Sanitising and Disinfection Services
Sanitising and Disinfection Services

Sanitising and Disinfection Services are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the specialist hygiene services offered by Merlin Clean.

Infection prevention control. And Anti-Viral fogging services go hand in hand with our biohazard and decontamination service.

Our proven track record puts Merlin clean at the forefront of professional sanitising and infection control. Moreover, we are a trusted organisation ready and waiting to solve all aspects of your hygiene requirements.

Sanitising and Disinfection Services

Firstly, the peace of mind that comes with using effective sanitising and disinfection services is just one side of it. All companies have a duty of care to their employees health and safety.

Therefore, we can take care of all that for you. We offer an antivirus and anti bacterial fogging service that is not only very quick to do.

But does not stop your workforce or members of the public from working or entering. The area is safe after just a few minutes. Effective control.

For example, normal sanitising and disinfection is not cost effective. It is not as good either. Our anti viral fogging system gets everywhere. It settles on the surface and is dry in seconds. It does not leave a mess.

Traditional sanitising and disinfection is labour intensive and tends to spread bacteria and viruses about on mops and rags.

But no matter how often they are rinsed or changed. It makes good technical and economic sense to use professional sanitising and disinfection services.

Because an anti viral product delivered by a fogging system gets everywhere. Including the ceiling and all the cracks and gaps that are everywhere.

No need to move anything either.

Disinfection services

Merlin clean continues to offer an effective and discreet disinfection service. Together with advanced bio control and hazardous waste disposal. Everything from crime scene clean up.

Sharps removal to biohazard and body fluid cleaning Services.

Sanitising and Disinfection Services
Sanitising and Disinfection Services

Biohazards including body fluids and crime scene issues such as trauma and sharps. All have the potential to infect and cause serious illness or death. We are here to help you with this. There is no need to expose staff or yourself to any such hazard.

Furthermore, our services are discreet and legally compliant and safe. You will receive the correct documentation. Our infection control and disinfection service extends to NHS hospitals and trusts, prisons, police holding cells, local authorities.

And every location where a fast, effective and discreet infection control service is needed.

Specialist disinfection, sanitising and deep cleaning programs. Including one off procedures for all healthcare settings are always available.

This will help you to help to comply with the strict government hygiene regulations that must be met. You are safe with us.

Anti-Viral Fogging Services –

The most effective way of applying a full antimicrobial product in the fight against viruses and bacteria. As a stand alone, or one off treatment or as part of an effective infection control strategy.

It is effective and does not require your work force or guests to be away from the office or area for longer than a few minutes.

For example, we come either early morning or as your setting is closing. Our ULV fogging system contacts every surface including the ceiling and hard to get to areas in moments. Keeping it simple and cost effective when it’s most needed.

This fogging service is also available for end or tenancy for tenants and landlords.

Odour Control and Removal – Sanitising and Disinfection

After a range of incidents such as trauma, fire or sewerage escape. There will be smells that just won’t go by themselves. These odours can also indicate infection and bacteriological issues. This must not be ignored for the safety and comfort of the workforce and members of the public that visit your premises.

Merlin Clean moves quickly offering effective odour control and removal. And by dealing with contaminants at the same time it is cost effective. Odour usually comes from bacteria that is multiplying at a rapid rate.

However, without removing the source this bacteria will multiply out of control. And the longer it is left, the longer it will take to successfully remove the odour.

Therefore, our rapid reaction to odour control saves companies a great deal of money and disruption. By killing the cause of the odour and removing it’s components.

In conclusion, almost all settings from care homes to offices can suffer from odour issues. Merlin Clean deals with all these in a fast, cost effective and discreet manner.

End of tenancy sanitising

Additionally, our full range of decontamination and fogging service is avaliable for tenants and landlords for end of tenancy fumigation

For fleas and other insect control requirements we recomend Bug Doctor

Contact us at any time for effective sanitising and disinfection. Infection Control and Odour Control and Removal services.
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