Merlin Clean Gallery Carpet Cleaning in Doncaster

Here is the Merlin Clean Gallery Carpet Cleaning in Doncaster. Some photos of the sort of Carpet cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning that Merlin Clean does every day.

Have a browse and enjoy the Merlin Clean Gallery. You will see that we can take on all sorts of different types of carpets and upholstery cleaning

Just click on any one of the photos and you will be able to click through a full size slide show of the kind of work that Merlin clean does every day Carpet cleaning in Doncaster.

We take training very seriously so this means that you can feel safe in the knowledge that when you use our carpet cleaning service you will get the very best in carpet and upholstery cleaning


Spills and stains on carpets are just a fact of life. But it’s what happens after that matters. For instance have all sorts of carpet stain removal products on the van and we have taken a lot of training in stain removal over the years.

The important thing is not to treat the stain yourself. A lot of popular carpet stain removers have harmful chemicals in them. Like bleaching type products.

The best this to do is to scrape up any residue with a blunt knife or something similar. Then just leave it until we come out.

That way, when you call your local carpet cleaners you will have more chance of getting your carpet back to normal.

Carpet cleaners Doncaster – Not a franchise

Not all carpet cleaners are the same. For example Merlin Clean is not a franchise or big national firm. So what is the difference?

Well the main difference between a franchise and a local family firm of trained carpet cleaners is the amount of extra money they have to charge you for the same job.

Obviously a franchise must pay huge fees to keep the name and must use their products. but then they will have wages to pay along with the work place pension.

It goes on. So the difference is that they have to charge more for the same service in order for the franchise owner to make any money.

The same with national firms. They will post thousands of leaflets in one area and then send who knows who from who knows where into your home. Not what you are looking for when you are on the look out for a local carpet cleaning service!

Commercial cleaning in Doncaster

Merlin clean will deep clean and your house, office or property. Using the best products for the job in hand.

It’s important to get rid of the bacteria that cause flu and colds for the next tenants.

This saves staff having a lot of disruptive time off work. There are all sorts of reasons why this is good for the work place. Our commercial carpet cleaning experience is well know in Doncaster.

Just give us a call. We only work in Doncaster. So we can easily pop by to give you advice and if you want one a quote that we will email you later.

Merlin clean carpet cleaners in Doncaster really care your carpets and upholstery. You will be amazed at what we can do for you and your home. Call today for a cleaner fresher smelling home.

Have a look at our facebook page  for the latest reviews and more photos. We clean rugs as well don’t forget.

Merlin clean are carpet and upholstery cleaners in Yorkshire serving Doncaster, Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and towns and villages.

If you want a quick quote, please just call us 

We are waiting for your call….

Merlin Clean Gallery Carpet Cleaning in Doncaster


Merlin Clean Gallery Carpet Cleaning in Doncaster



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